Welcome to DentAI Platform™

Empowering Digital Dentistry with Cloud and Splint Automation


DentAI Platform™ redefines the modern implant and splint design process for digital dentistry

Case Management Portal

Manage all your patient case details in one platfrom. Patient Details, Splint Payment, Communications, and more...

Automated Splint Production

Our platform is integrated with partner software to help automate the splint production process. From 40 minutes to 5 minutes.

Save Time

Focus more time on patient care and less on logisitcs, communications, and splint design.

Responsive Layout

Delivering a modern experience to digital dentistry and splint planning. You can even work on cases from home, on an iPad, and more.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud

With a highly secure cloud infrastructure, never worry about security and complaince of your patient's data.

About DentAI

To create a more accessible, highly scalable, and multipurpose platform for Digital Dentistry

Starting off Humble

We started our roots in OpenSource Software

DentAI™ Inc was concieved from an idea of experiences from the opsource projects for Digital Dentistry. The nonprofit, "Dental Software Foundation", had interest from people all over the world, like Romania, Brazil, Morocco, Spain, and even Texas with a goal of creating open source tools for low income countries.

Problem Solvers

From the start, we enjoyed solving problems with technology

The founders of DentAI™ noticed the the current method of patient case management and splint planning were quite time consuming and required several resources. Thus, we created a platform to do patient case managment and splint designs under 1 system.


There is no "I" in Team

DentAI™ team consists of dental practitioners, prosthodontic lab directors, software engineers, data scientists, and more. Our collective experiences are in dental health, dental CAD software, healthcare compliance, customer-oriented innovation, and software consulting.

Why Sign Up?

We spent time analyzing our customers and built solutions!

35 mins

Average number of minutes saved per splint planning case

1500 +

Average costs of resources per month on splint planning

0 +

Hours for research and development of the system

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